Today we have blogs, tweets, video messages and sermons that float in the ether of the internet. It is important that we understand that today’s technologies can present us with “news clothed in a truth,” defined by an agenda that by design seeks to garble reality. These distortions are predicated upon a message that is the creation of an individual or institution for the promotion of their agenda. As the Kansas City Star has shrunk in size, so has a reliable mainstay of what was once; “Pulitzer Prize” award winning journalism, of facts and truth. We live in a time when the words of the Roman Prefect, Pontius Pilot are deeply prophetic,

“What is truth?”

Those words by Pilot, used to judge Jesus of Nazareth, challenge all of us to look within ourselves and search for truth.

We must review our deepest beliefs and hold solid to them as we encounter information and individuals that seek to sway us with, “their spin” on Christ’s teachings. The question is, how do we know the reality of truth? I offer a simple guide post as a reliable meter on truth WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?).  Northminster is a grace church, it’s a church that has followed the reformed path of God’s living word. Grace is the very bedrock of our PC (USA) denomination. “Following Jesus, Presbyterians are engaged in the world and in seeking thoughtful solutions to the challenges of our time.”

The truth of our Presbyterian faith comes honestly and decently—straight at us, not clothed in selfish agendas.

  • Are we Christ’s faithful disciples?
  • Do I act as a decent person as Christ would have me act?
  • Do I affirm and love my neighbors, and their children?
  • Do I understand the depths of suffering of the disadvantaged?
  • Can I be compassionate to outcastes, the widow, the orphan and the stranger?
  • Do I meet “the least” of those, that Christ commanded me to meet in their desperation?
  • Will I walk beside them, care for them and feed and clothe them?
  • Will I rejuvenate the spirit of those that have been damaged in our society by unfairness?
  • Can I be the face of Christ for those that see nothing but heartache?

If you can answer those question with an either a yes, I do, or I’ll try, then your reality meter is working fine. Fake news be damned, and the truth of Jesus Christ be praised! I see a deep sense of the truth alive within you here at Northminster. Keep it up when presented with “fake news” WWJD with me is an honest guide of truthful living.  Friends, wonderful things are occurring within the life of Northminster. I see it every day within the halls and meeting rooms here. God has called us to be a “shining light on this hill.” Truthfully, I wish I could give every member here a good pair of sunglasses because, “the future is so bright we gotta wear shades.” Truly! I am proud and humbled by your commitment to Jesus Christ. I see Christ’s truth within you here! Thanks be to God!

Pastor Mark