Dear Church Family

Don’t laugh, people always say that right before they say something off base or really humorous. Recently I found an old Cuisinart food processor sitting by the curb in my neighborhood. Yep, I am guilty of “dumpster diving.” I saw this machine set out by the street with a free sign on it. I sat in my car for a moment and thought about whether I should get out and pick it up. It was the same model that I had 30 years ago. It was just the base unit, nothing else, no accessories. So the tempta- tion was too great and guess what? It worked just fine when I brought it home. All it needed was some cleaning and accessory parts and it would make a great food processor for my daughter.

Now, the family that set the old Cuisinart machine by the side of the road could have thrown it in the trash. They didn’t. They knew it had value and that someone, (me) would see its potential and come, pick it up and use it again. They trusted this would happen. I doubt that they prayed about it, but yet they had a little faith that it could again be used by someone.

Well, you can see the parallel theological point to this story. I saw the value of something that another had hopes for, but many drove by and determined that it had no value. I have to wonder how folks passed by this machine. Those of you that have refinished furniture, or rebuilt an old car or re- decorated a house see the same things in what you do — you see something of value, add a little “elbow grease” and make it more valuable.

People of faith do the same thing. We see something of value, add a little “elbow grease” and make it more valuable. We are in the rehab business in church. Folks of good faith bring about positive change. It is in our DNA to reform, rebuild, remodel, repurpose, reclaim, rehab, replenish and rebirth those things that we see through the lenses of faith. You might say that the church is in the “re and we” business.

There is something of great value here at Northminster. The base of our church is strong and good. The accessories are needed to get her up and running and productive again. Right now the leadership of the church is figuring out how to bring real life to this church. They are not searching on EBAY for parts. They are involved in thoughtful deliberations, prayer and seeking God’s guidance in this process. They are sitting in their cars, sitting in the pews and about to open the door and step out in faith and take a risk.

A man was beaten and left by the side of the road. The Good Samaritan came by and helped that man. He lifted the man up, bandaged his wounds and gave money to an inn keeper to care for him. What was the name of the man that the Samaritan helped? Scriptures doesn’t tell us. God, has also left the name of the Samaritan out of the story. For good reasons, God deliberately leaves blanks. The living God we worship, asks us to fill in those blanks every day, 24-7. That’s the excitement of our faith pouring ourselves into unknown vessels. Keep your eyes open to “re” again!

See you in church, Pastor Mark