Mission is at the heart of what it means to be Presbyterian and a follower of Jesus Christ. We are grateful every day for our faith, our family and our friends and this compels us to reach out to anyone in need. Not only does this fulfill our call to serve, it also allows us to spend time together as friends.

Be The Church Sunday

Be The Church was a wonderful success! After joining together over what seemed like endless crockpots of homemade soup and plates filled with cookies, we put together hygiene kits, baskets of goodies for new moms, little gifts for our friends at Davidson Elementary and cards for our shut-ins. Kids and adults worked side by side and if we had to sample the Gardetto’s once in a while it was just a side benefit. We are looking forward to next year!

Presbyterian Women

Nurture Faith • Support Mission • Work for Justice and Peace • Build Community

Presbyterian Women is a national organization of the Presbyterian Church U.SA. and support the Church’s mission in many ways. We collect food for the Metropolitan Lutheran Ministry food pantry, volunteer, collect and donate clothing to the Clay County Clothes Closet and collect money to purchase blankets for non-profit agencies serving those in need in the Northland. We also support the International Heifer Fund and provided tuition to send a boy in Meru, Kenya, to a Christian school.

The women at Northminster meet in Circles to build community and nurture their faith through Bible study. Circles meet at the church on the second Wednesday of the month; Rebekah Circle at 10:00am and Lydia Circle at 7:00pm. Anyone interested in learning more is very welcome to contact the church office at 816-452-2545

Jamaica Medical / Dental Mission

Every February since 2000, the Jamaica Medical/Dental Mission has given free services to over 2,500 people in six different clinics.  Most of these clinics are in remote areas where people have very limited opportunities for dental, medical, and optical services. Our partner sponsors include North Kansas City Rotary Club, Rotary International Foundation and other civic and religious organizations.

This year’s mission was the most successful:
• 867 medical patients, 4050 prescriptions combined with dental.
• 822 dental patients, including 328 fluoride treatments, 10 dental filling patients, and 46 teeth cleanings.
• 295 eye patients, 334 pairs of glasses distributed.
• 64 diabetes patients were educated about diabetes and 6 meters were given out.
• 63 sewing student were given 23.5 hours of education.
A total of 2111 patients were treated for medical, dental, fluoride, glasses, diabetes, and sewing instruction.

Knitting 4 Peace

Mission is where our heart lies at Northminster. Since early 2017, we have held a Knitting 4 Peace Pod each Friday morning from 9-10 am. We knit, crochet, sew or embroider dozens of hats, blankets, towels and more to give to area adult, teen and children’s shelters, Native American aid and disaster relief. Our Knitting4Peace group has created and delivered items to the Clay County Clothes Closet, SafeHaven, Youth Street Unit and the Children’s Crisis Center.

The knitting/crochet ladies have given 2,500 items to those needing warmth, washcloths, or baby items in the last 20 months.

Interested in helping? Join us Friday mornings at 9:00 a.m. for fun and fellowship. Not only do we fulfill God’s call to serve but we truly enjoy each other’s company. Coincidentally (or maybe not?) Peace Pod ends when our Friday Coffee begins. So we can wander over to our Fellowship Hall for some coffee, definitely a treat or two and fellowship in its purest form. All are welcome to come and join us!

Don’t know how to knit? We’d love to teach you!

To learn more visit Knitting 4 Peace.

Davidson Elementary Partnership

Immersion in our local community is essential to us. One of the ways we reach out is to local elementary school, Davidson. Some of our kids attend school there but our true goal is to help those in need. We adopt families for Thanksgiving and Christmas, tutor students, pay off delinquent lunch accounts and provide extra clothes for kids that like to get muddy at recess.

As a church family, we have much to be thankful for. It’s helping those in need that makes us all God’s children.

Northland Assistance Center

We are proud supporters of the Northland Assistance Center, a faith and community based 501(c) 3 organization providing emergency bill, food, strengths-based case management, holiday food baskets, and referral services to Northland children, women, and men struggling to meet life’s basic needs. A recent survey of clients receiving assistance indicateed that forty-six percent of persons in need have to choose between purchasing food and paying utility or medical bills. In 2015, NAC provided assistance to over 2000 households with services totaling $225,700. Working with NAC is part of our dedication to serve those as Jesus would.

To learn more visit www.northlandassistancecenter.org

Clay County Clothes Closet

The Clay County Clothes Closet was founded in 1959 and since then they have provided clothing to over 90,000 individuals in need of clothing assistance in the Northland. They provide clothing for recently released prisoners, fire victims, newly unemployed, the homeless, refugees, and entire families, from newborn to senior citizens. We donate as well as volunteer and we love doing it, not only to fulfill God’s mission but because we live here, we have family here and our hearts are here.

Blanket Fund

Donation were used to purchase 79 blankets and blanket throws in various sizes for both adults and children. The blankets have been given to Safe Haven, Metropolitan Lutheran Ministries, Davidson School, Salvation Army North, Hillcrest, Northland Assistance Center and Uplift.