Love in Action

The Jamaica Medical/Dental Mission group is sponsored by Northminster Presbyterian Church and other churches as well as a number of Rotary Clubs in District 6040 in an annual humanitarian health mission to Jamaica. Each year, between 40 and 50 volunteers, 25 professional staff and 25 support staff go to Jamaica for 10 days to operate 3 clinics per day for 5 days in several avenues of services or ministries.

It started as a hope and dream in 1999. That was my first year to go with another mission group from Kansas City. From that beginning point, the desire and goal was to focus on human services which would benefit the Jamaican people and improve the lives and future of many of the patients in rural areas where many of our church missionaries went back in 1850. Our goal is to serve in some way at least 2,500 patients in one of our clinics. Including the first year and over the last 18 years, we have served

47,500 patients in remote communities. We hope to reach and serve 2,500 this year. This will bring our services to more than 50,000 patients, with $1.5 million in medicines, given out and over 7 million donated services. Our mission is to build bridges of friendship, love and medical, dental and other health services between church friends of America and Jamaica. I call it love in action through service.

This year’s team is made up of 4 doctors and a nurse practitioner, 2 eye doctors, 5 dentists, 6 nurses, 2 pharmacists, 2 teachers, 3 pastors and a wonderful support staff. We have 5 staff who are young people. Two of our staff from previous years started college this year to become a doctor and a nurse. That is why we have actively encouraged our churches to send older youth in college who might be interested in medicine, dentistry, nursing, teaching and other avenues of human services.

How do we plan to reach 2,500 persons who need human services? Our avenues of service are:

  • Medical – in 3 clinics – 1,200 persons seen and served
  • Dental – in 3 clinics – 600 treatments for school children to age 100
  • Eye Doctors – 2 will serve over 600 patients
  • Pharmacy –over 4,000 prescriptions given out for free
  • Diabetic education by 3 nurses to 100 patients or more
  • Sanitary products given to schoolgirls to enable them to stay in school – 400 girls
  • PET (Personal Energy Transportation) – given to 3 persons who have walking disabilities.
  • Sewing Classes for 20. We have 5 new sewing machines and 2 trained teacher-instructors
  • will offer daily classes. Sewing machines will be left with the churches or clinics.

Our desire is to make a difference in every adult, child or grandchild that may change their lives for the better forever in the name of service and Our Lord. Behind each number is a person like Fitzroy, Dominic or Chloe. We hope to put love in action through service.

Our sincere thanks to everyone in our churches and clubs to make the Jamaica Medical/Dental Mission possible.

Dr Bob Magee Temporary Pastor and Mission Coordinator